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What's in your sunscreen may be putting you at risk for allergies, hormone disruption, vitamin D deficiency, and create a false sense of protection from skin cancer. The Environmental Working Group provides information about which sunscreens are safe and effective. 
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I frequently get asked "Is my tap water safe to drink?" The answer is not a simple yes or no. It depends on your water source, chemicals used by the municipal water management, and the quality of your pipes. Visit the EWG's website and enter your zip code to find out what is in your municipal water source and have your plumbing inspected to determine what hazards are coming from your plumbing.
Wildfires, industrial pollutions and ozone all impact the quality of the air we share and breathe. Learn what the air quality is by you. 
Hiking in Nature
National Allergy Map
Attention Allergy Sufferers: Use this helpful site to determine pollen counts and the most prevalent active allergens (such as grasses and types of trees) in your area. 
Cherry Blossoms
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My mom used to say "if you can't pronounce it, it's probably not safe." Now there's a database to check the safety of your skin care products. Type in the ingredient name in question and poof! Safety information at your fingertips. 
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